Priceless Playtime

1 Wooden Box – $1.99

Some leftover paint – $0

Homemade fashion jewelry and gems – $1.99

Red X to mark the spot – $0

Playing “Treasure Hunting” for hours with PaPa – Priceless



Guess who’s sitting?

Yes!  Katelyn!  My little peanut has figured out on her own to get from a laying position to a sitting position.  This was discovered by trial and error by herself and not therapy.  She gets to a 4-point position as if she was going to crawl but then pushes herself upward with her arms and brings her legs out from underneath her.  She is doing so well with sitting without support now.  I can imagine it won’t be long before she starts crawling.  Therapy is a long drawn out process but definitely pays off in the end.  I’m so proud of Katelyn and all of her little milestones that she has accomplished despite all of the set backs she has had so far.