Archive | March 2009

Priceless Playtime

1 Wooden Box – $1.99

Some leftover paint – $0

Homemade fashion jewelry and gems – $1.99

Red X to mark the spot – $0

Playing “Treasure Hunting” for hours with PaPa – Priceless



Record Breaking Snow

They say history repeats itself.  This winter has repeated itself but it took approximately 30 years to do so.  That’s right, before I was even born.  This winter in the little town I live in hit records of around 191 inches of snow fallen so far.  We have even received more snow than parts of the Upper Peninsula.  Here are a couple of pictures of when we had the most snow when we had around 2 feet dumped on us in only a few days time.  The positive thinking with this is that there is hopes that I won’t have to experience another winter like this for another 30 years.

Old Fashioned 7 Grain Cookies

I forgot to post this so here it is for some delicious 7 Grain Cookies.