Why the turtle?

A turtle has many symbolic features because it is a creature of diversity in itself.  It is powerfully protective represented by it’s shell to assist in self-defense from it’s predators.   Ironically or perhaps as a result, the turtle has very few predators in which portrays a harmless strength among most reptiles.  As a result, the turtle holds the symbolic meaning for longevity in many cultures.

As everyone knows the turtle moves at slow and steady pace which gives it the symbolic implication of patience, stability and endurance.  The turtle is known to be very wise in the animal kingdom because of it being wide-eyed, long-lived and having a carefree attitude.  The turtle accepts it’s wisdom with modesty and persists with it’s natural methods of life.

I have always enjoyed the presence of turtles in my life long before I knew the symbolic meanings.  I feel like I need to live my life more like the expressive value of the turtle and perhaps wisdom and patience will shine through to a more positive outlook on life.


One thought on “Why the turtle?

  1. This is really interesting– it gives me a lot of insight into your personality! I’ve always had a protective shell too, but people would describe me as more like my astrological sign- the crab.

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