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Conserving Energy with Light Bulbs

The State of Michigan received a grant to allow compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs be purchased for as little as .99 a piece.  (State grant makes fluorescent bulbs cheap.)

Over the weekend, Geoff and I decided to purchase a stockpile of CFL’s in order to replace current incandescent bulbs and still have some extras on hand.  Since the CFL’s last an average of 9 years hopefully I won’t have to buy anymore light bulbs for a long time.  I am also hoping that I will see a change in my electric bill.  Just in my living room ceiling fan light fixture I will be cutting back 132 watts.  The difference in wattage is truely amazing.  I do notice that the lights are not as bright when you first turn them on.  The longer they “warm up” the brighter they become.  It is not detrimental, just more of something we will have to get used to.