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To a healthier life…

I am approximately 2 months (give or take) into my “natural” lifestyle. I have converted a majority of the foods we eat to organic and some all natural. While you can’t really go by all natural because there are no set standards as to what that exactly means by the government, but I surely can’t afford ten dollar per pound organic nuts. I will do all that I can to afford organic foods, but I really don’t see myself ever eating 100% organic foods unless I wanted to sacrifice certain foods. The more natural measures I take is one step closer to a healthy living for my family. I am somewhat going back to the way people lived years ago by making a lot of the foods we eat rather than buying “convenient foods.” The more foods are processed, the more nutrients are being lost. I am now considering making my own flour from the books I have been reading. It is amazing what you can do with a food processor. I don’t know how I lived without one years ago. I am now making homemade organic baby food and even purees for disguising vegetables in everyday foods all just to get my family to eat healthier. The reason for eating healthier is because of all the recent medical problems I have gone through myself, witnessed in my family and with my co-workers. I know so many people with cancer that I couldn’t even use my fingers to keep track of all of them. Cancer seems to be affecting people just as often as diabetes, asthma, or other common conditions. My dog had to be recently put to sleep because of cancer throughout her body. That was what finally made me switch the foods we eat, especially avoiding artificial sweetners, high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, dyes and other genetically modified ingredients. I am also increasing the amounts of good fats (omega essential oils) and other various nutrients. With my family having a history of heart conditions, I don’t want to put me or my family at any higher of a risk.

With all that said, I am having a hard time affording some of the organic alternatives to the conventional food we eat. I have joined a forum and a co-op and even clip coupons and order from a whole sale natural foods catalog. I currently still spend quite a bit of money on food, but I need to consider that I am also restocking my pantry and starting my stockpile all over again. Next spring I will start my own organic garden which I hope to get most fresh vegetables and herbs from there and if I am lucky some fruit too. I have already bought a large freezer to hold food that I can stockpile into the freezer to last during the winter months. I get venison every year and periodically I will buy a portion of a cow with the rest of my family. It still seems like I spend a lot of money on food. I guess one of the contributing factors is that we are now eating a wider range of types of foods rather than boxed or frozen processed dinners. I also need to consider that we rarely go to restaurants now.

In addition to my changed eating habits, I have also eliminated caffeine, soda, and coffee from my diet. I try to limit the amount of sugary foods as well. The reason for this is that my digestion has changed majorly since my recent intestinal problems. I have a hard time digesting those foods and I have finally accepted that and no longer feel it is worth getting sick just to enjoy a cappuccino. The same goes for soda because of the carbonation. I don’t even crave a diet pepsi anymore. It is rather a great feeling once you can get past the first 2-3 weeks. I still get a craving for chocolate from time to time but I no longer have to have a daily fix of chocolate like I used to. I have been doing full body cleanses as well. I started off with a first cleanse because I am just starting out. This was a two week cleanse and was very mild to the body. I will be starting my para gone cleanse which is to eliminate any bad parasite/bacteria from the body. After that, I will probably do a cleanse specifically for the liver and kidney functions. I do notice that since my recent changes that I have a lot more energy and rarely feel sluggish in the late afternoons like I used to. Geoff has decided to join me in doing cleanses and he will be starting his first cleanse this weekend. I am very happy to see him making changes himself without me even pushing the subject on him. He always tries to be pessimistic about life in that he expects to die young but I really think he says that to aggravate me. I am very happy he is changing because he wants to.

I will continue to post more as I continue my journey towards a more simple, green, organic life.


Update on Cali (now butterfly)

Here are more pictures of the transformation of the caterpillar to a butterfly.

I am not sure if the butterfly is a male or female.  I will let Nathan continue to think it is a girl so he can call her Cali.  I have tried getting the butterfly to eat some watermelon.  So far I haven’t notice her eat yet.  She keeps flexing her wings so I don’t think she is ready to be released yet.  She wasn’t trying to fly either so we’ll wait a day or two before releasing.

It’s caterpillar time!

Monarch Caterpillar

Monarch Caterpillar

I am helping Nathan rear a monarch caterpillar for the Monarch Watch.  Once his caterpillar becomes a butterfly, it will be tagged and recorded before it makes it’s journey to Mexico.  Despite the fact that Nathan is terrified of bugs, he was thrilled to have a new “pet.”  He says his caterpillar is a girl so we decided on a name of Cali the Caterpillar.  It is amazing on how young children do not have a sense of time.  He repeatedly asked to see his caterpillar to make sure she was eating and growing bigger all within one night’s time.  I will update the progress of Cali’s transformation into a beautiful monarch butterfly.